Don’t Let the Rain Stop You

Keep Working Out all Year Long

Every fall and winter, Americans’ exercise habits start to go downhill and decline to their lowest levels in December. As a result, people miss out on the health benefits that make staying active in the wintertime worth the extra effort.

Winter workouts help you avoid winter weight gain and strengthen your body’s immunity to flu and colds. Exercise is also a great way to combat the winter blues, increase energy, elevate mood, improve sleep, and even relieve stress and anxiety. And all year long, it reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, colon cancer and high blood pressure.

If cold, rainy weather puts a stop to your usual outdoor activities, it’s a good time to try something new.

  • Sign up for a class at a community center or health club.
  • Find indoor activities you like. Take up swimming, weightlifting, skipping rope, or yoga.
  • Be a team player. Try squash, racquetball, pickleball, indoor soccer, or basketball.
  • Get back outside and enjoy a wintertime activity that’s new to you. Once you start moving, you’ll warm up quickly!
  • Go digital. Try online workout programs, apps, or videos.

Warm Up to Regence Empower

Sign in on to discover programs and tools that give you the support and motivation to keep moving this winter.

  • Join programs. From self-guided programs to personal and group challenges, you have options to get healthy on your terms and at your own pace.
  • Sync devices. Easily track your steps, calories burned and more. Regence Empower syncs with over 100 fitness devices and mobile apps.
  • Earn rewards. Need another reason to get moving toward your goals? You may be able to earn rewards for your efforts!
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