Managing Diabetes

Livongo Makes Living with Diabetes Easier

When a person has diabetes, their body doesn’t process insulin effectively, and as a result, too much blood sugar stays in the bloodstream. Over time, this can cause heart disease, vision loss, and kidney disease. That’s why people who have diabetes must check their blood sugar often.

Livongo makes it easier for Bledsoe Health Trust participants to manage diabetes. Here’s how it helps you and your covered family members—all at no cost to you. Livongo provides:

BETTER DIABETES MONITORING. Livongo’s smart meter comes with a cellular chip that automatically uploads your readings—so no more logbooks. Based on your readings, “Health Nudges” on the meter help you take the next healthy action.

STRIPS AT NO COST TO YOU. Get as many strips and lancets as you need with no hidden costs. When you are about to run out, Livongo ships more supplies, right to your door.

COACHING ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE. Livongo coaches are Certified Diabetes Educators who provide 24/7 support for your questions about blood glucose readings, nutrition, or lifestyle changes. (You can also work with a registered dietitian to create a healthy eating plan.)

How you work with a coach is up to you. You choose whether you want to communicate via email, phone calls or texts. You have the option to:

  1. Get alerts (by phone or text) from a Diabetes Response Specialist when you have high or low blood sugar readings.
  2. Work with a coach by phone for personalized support making lifestyle changes (such as exercising and eating well).
  3. Chat online anytime with a coach through the Livongo app or website.

Good to know: Your confidential health information is protected by Livongo’s robust security systems. Plus, Livongo will never use your personal information to send you ads or unwanted communications. To sign up or learn more, visit (registration code: BLEDSOE) or call 1 (800) 945-4355.

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