A New Way to Manage Diabetes


Livongo uses connected technology for better health

There’s no cure for diabetes but maintaining healthy habits and close monitoring can greatly reduce how it affects a person’s health and overall lifestyle.

Now, Livongo makes diabetes management easier. Participants use a glucose meter that sends data to Livongo, and based on their results, participants receive:

  • Real-time insights after each reading and live support for out-of-range readings
  • 24/7 support from expert coaches, including live 1-on-1 sessions when needed
  • Medication optimization support to improve health outcomes
  • Health NudgesTM and 5-Day Challenges to encourage healthy choices
  • Free, unlimited strips that are automatically sent when needed

The program, effective July 1, 2020, is free, confidential and available to all active and early retiree members and covered dependents (except retirees covered by the post-65 MedAdvantage plan).

Livongo will work with Regence to identify participants diagnosed with diabetes and invite them to participate. To get started now, or for more information:

  • Go to join.livongo.com/BLEDSOE (use registration code BLEDSOE)
  • Call Livongo at (800) 945-4355
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