Your benefits are even better.

These Plan changes began June 1,

Dental Plan Option 2 / Willamette Dental: Active Members

Dental implant surgery is now covered up to an annual benefit max of $1,500; limited to one implant per year. (Previously, Dental Plan Option 2 / Willamette Dental covered one implant crown and abutment related procedures, limited to one per claimant per tooth in a seven-year period.)

As with other covered services, the dental implant surgery must be provided by or under referral from a Willamette Dental Group provider.

Please note: This benefit applies only to the Dental Plan Option 2 / Willamette Dental for Active members. This enhancement does not apply to Dental Plan Option 1 / Regence (implants are excluded from coverage in the Option 1 Plan). This change does not apply to the Medical Plan.


Vision Plan: Active Members

For Active members, there are several enhancements to the Vision Plan benefits:

  • Standard progressive lenses are now covered in full. (Previously, a $55 allowance was applied.)
  • Frequency for coverage is every 12 months. (Previously, it was every 24 months.)
  • Frame allowance is increased to $150. (Previously, it was $120.)

Click here to view Active Member Vision Plan benefits: The Bledsoe HT 0620


Vision Plan: Retirees

Retirees have access to discounts on eye care and eyewear through VSP’s savings program. (Please note: Retirees are not eligible for Vision Plan benefits; and this savings program is not an insurance plan.)

As of June 1, 2020, the VSP Vision Savings Pass program replaces the VSP Access program.

Click here to see the savings and learn how to use the VSP Vision Savings Pass: The Bledsoe HT Retiree Savings Plan


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