Get Care Fast: Anytime, Anywhere

telehealth-doctor-video-confernce-laptopMDLIVE Connects You to Board-Certified Doctors

Now, seeing a doctor for nonurgent medical or mental health care is as easy as a phone call or video chat. With MDLIVE, you can connect with a doctor or counselor using your phone, tablet or computer.  You’ll talk with a board-certified doctor or counselor and get professional care to help get back to good health fast. (MDLIVE providers have an average of 15 years of experience.) Doctors can even prescribe medications, if needed! Even better, there is no cost to you to use MDLIVE:

  • No coinsurance…You’ll save about $40 per visit.
  • No deductible…Your coverage begins right away.
  • No non-preferred provider costs… You won’t have to pay billed charges over the allowed amount.

It only takes a few minutes to register, then you’ll be ready to request an appointment whenever you or a family member needs quick, convenient access to quality medical care. Here’s how:

  • Call MDLIVE at 888-725-3097
  • Go online to
  • Text OREGON to MDLIVE (635483)


  1. Save money—there’s NO COST to you
  2. Save time—you’ll save an hour or more by skipping the trip to/from the doctor’s office
  3. Anytime access—24 hours/day, 7 days/week
  4. On vacation? In your PJs? At work? No problem—“see” a doctor from anywhere
  5. No germy waiting rooms
  6. No long waits—your average wait time for a doctor visit is less than 15 minutes
  7. You choose—mobile app, video or phone
  8. If you need a prescription, it can be sent to the nearest pharmacy


MDLIVE is a good choice for nonurgent care for issues like acne w allergies w cold / flu w constipation  cough w diarrhea w ear problems w insect bites w nausea / vomiting w pink eye w rash w respiratory problems w sinus infection w sore throat …

…and for Behavioral Health issues like depression w bipolar disorders w stress w grief and loss

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