Choose Your Provider Wisely

doctor-1149149_1280You’ll Save Money with In-Network Providers

The Bledsoe Health Trust Health Plan works with a network of doctors, hospitals and providers that charge a discounted contract rate, saving you money and keeping costs down for the Health Trust.

You pay less if you use Preferred Providers and Non-Preferred Participating Providers in the network. However, you have the option to use Non-Preferred, Non-Participating Providers outside of the network for an additional cost.

Your Health Plan benefits are based on the provider you choose:

  • Preferred Providers: The Plan usually pays 80% of the allowed amount (which is the discounted contract rate), and Preferred Providers do not bill you for more than the allowed amount.
  • Non-Preferred, Participating Providers: The Plan usually pays 60% of the allowed amount, and Participating Providers do not bill more than the allowed amount.
  • Non-Preferred, Non-Participating Providers: For providers outside the network, the Plan usually pays 60% of the allowed amount; however, out-of-network providers may bill more than the allowed amount. You are responsible for paying the difference between the allowed amount and the billed amount, which can be substantial.

Remember, you’ll always keep your costs down by choosing in-network providers and facilities. (Tip: Ask your doctor to refer you to in-network specialists whenever possible.)


  1. Search on for Preferred and Participating Providers. Simply register and log in to search within your network.
  2. Or, call Regence Customer Service at 1-800-245-9272 to request a printed copy of Preferred and Participating Providers.
  3. Always ask the provider or facility you choose if they are still Preferred or Participating before you receive services.

Plan Payment Example

Billed Amount: $1,925

Allowed Amount: $1,500

Preferred Provider:
You pay 20%

You pay 40%
Deductible $500 $500
Copayments $0 $0
Coinsurance $200 $400
What isn’t covered  
Balance Billed Amount (difference between the billed amount and allowed amount) N/A $425
Total you pay $700 $1,325


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