What Preventive Care Do You Need?

doctor-2568481_1920Take Care of YOU This Summer

There are nearly 100 recommended preventive measures we should all consider every year. This list varies, based on age, gender, health history and family background. Here’s how to make sure you get the preventive care you need.

SCHEDULE AN ANNUAL EXAM. Give your doctor’s office a call and make an appointment for a routine checkup. Ask what preventive tests and screenings you should have.

KNOW ABOUT KEY CANCER TESTS. Here are the latest recommendations:

  • Colon cancer: Screening tests for adults 50–75; if advised, for adults 75–85
  • Lung cancer: CT scan every year for long-term heavy smokers ages 55-80
  • Breast cancer: Mammogram every two years for women 50–74
  • Cervical cancer: Regular Pap test, HPV test, or both, for women 21–65
  • Prostate cancer: Talk with your doctor about a PSA test for men 50–74

For the complete list of recommended services, go to uspreventiveservicestaskforce.org, then Information for Consumers.


Your Health Plan pays 100% for preventive care required by the Affordable Care Act, after you meet the annual deductible. (Tip: Enter your age and gender under healthfinder.gov to see an easy-to-read list of preventive services you may need.)

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