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Your Vision Plan Keeps Your Eyes Healthy

blonde-hair-brick-wall-close-up-975668 (1)Did you know that your Vision Plan, administered by VSP, covers routine eye exams every 12 months with just a $20 copay? Plus, the Plan pays generous allowances for frames, lenses, additional pairs and sunglasses (see chart below). For the best benefits, choose a VSP provider. Register and log in on vsp.com to search the network, or call 800-877-7195.

Well Vision Exam

Routine eye exam every 12 months

You pay a $20 copay The Plan pays up to $50
Prescription Glasses You pay a $20 copay See Frames and Lenses

Plan pays benefits once every 24 months from the last date of service

The Plan pays up to:

$120 for selected frames

$140 for featured frames

$70 at Costco

You receive 20% off over allowed amount

The Plan pays up to $70 for frames

Plan pays benefits once every 24 months from the last date of service

The Plan covers standard, premium and custom progressive lenses; you receive 20–25% (average) off other lens options The Plan pays up to

$50 for single vision

$70 for lined bifocal

$85 for lined trifocal

$70 for progressive

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses in lieu of lenses/frames for the 24 month period

The Plan has a $120 allowance for contact lenses, fitting and evaluation (copay does not apply) The Plan pays up to $105 for contact lenses
Diabetic Eyecare Plus Program

For care for diabetic eye disease, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration

You pay a $20 copay Not applicable
Second Pair Purchases

From any VSP doctor within 12 months of your last Well Vision Exam

You save 20% off the cost of a second pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses Not applicable
Laser Vision Correction

Only available from contracted facilities

You save 15% off the regular price, or 5% off the promotional price Not applicable



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