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A Temporary Illness Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you weren’t able to work for an extended period of time? After all, you still have bills to pay, even when you’re sick or injured.

To help you continue to make ends meet in the case of sickness, pregnancy or a non-occupational injury, the Bledsoe Health Trust provides an Accident and Sickness Weekly Income Benefit. For up to six months, you can receive a weekly check to help you pay the rent, buy groceries and meet your financial obligations.

This benefit does not cover time off work due to an on-the-job injury or illness that is covered by Worker’s Compensation or other similar coverage. For additional exceptions and other benefit details, log in at to view the Active Employees Summary Plan Description (SPD).

To apply for benefits, submit a Weekly Income Benefit claim form to the Bledsoe Health Trust Administrative Office. (To obtain a claim form, call the Trust Administrative Office at 503-239-6961 or 866-239-1708, or access it online at You, your employer and your doctor must complete and sign the appropriate sections of the form.

When approved, benefits are paid directly to you.



BENEFIT If you are unable to work because of sickness, pregnancy or a non-occupational injury, and a licensed physician is treating you, you may be eligible to receive $400 per week.
ELIGIBILITY You must be eligible for the Active Employee Plan when the period of disability begins.
Benefits begin on the:

• First day of disability due to an accident.

• Fourth day of disability due to a sickness or pregnancy.

MAXIMUM The Plan pays benefits for up to 26 weeks for each period of disability.


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