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laptopHere’s How to Know the Cost

Getting health care services isn’t like anything else you buy because you don’t usually compare providers and costs to choose where to have a health care service done. In the past, you would go where your doctor tells you to go, and that’s that.

But now, online tools (below) can show you a range of prices for a specific service in your area, list which hospitals, surgical centers and clinics offer the service, and what they charge. That gives you the tools to make an informed decision and helps you work with your doctor to select the best choice for your care.

  • Regence Treatment Cost Estimator ( lets you see your estimated costs, based on where you are in meeting your deductible and your out-of-pocket maximums, for common medical conditions, surgeries, tests and exams. Compare treatment options, and see quality ratings for facilities and providers.
  • Healthcare Bluebook ( shows the fair price for a procedure in your region. Simply enter your zip code, select a procedure or category from the drop down menu, and you’ll be able to compare costs for a range of services, including elective options that your Plan may not cover.
  • New Choice Health ( shows facilities and price ranges for specific procedures. You choose a procedure, select your insurance and enter your zip code. You’ll see an estimated price range for treatment, broken down by evaluation, surgery and follow-up care.

It’s always a good idea to call the Regence (look for the number on your ID card) to understand your benefit coverage and get an estimate of the amount you can expect to pay.

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