Contactless Prescription Refills

Enjoy Convenient, Safe Home Delivery

Express Scripts Home Delivery helps keep you and your loved ones safe by letting you fill prescriptions by mail for medications taken on an ongoing basis (such as drugs used to treat high blood pressure or diabetes).

You place your order on the app, online or by phone, and then receive  it by mail—without ever having to leave home. And there are lots of side benefits:

  • Save time. No more trips to the drug store and time spent waiting in line while you try to keep a safe social distance from other shoppers.
  • Larger amounts. You’ll receive a 90-day supply through home delivery.
  • Save money. Your average monthly copay may be lower when you purchase a 90-day supply, compared to three monthly retail copays for the same quantity.
  • Free delivery. Standard shipping is always free.
  • Automatic refills. Never forget to reorder again!

To get started, log into your account at, then switch your eligible medications to home delivery. For new prescriptions, ask your doctor to e-prescribe a three-month supply to Express Scripts Pharmacy™. Have questions? Call Express Scripts at (877) 363-1303.

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